For the first time not only in Bulgaria, but also worldwide FogScreen technology is used on scene, which allows the design of an image on a heavy stage smoke in the air. The unique part is how this technology is used to transform the images from pictures in reality and vice versa. This innovative stage equipment has been developed by Latin Force Team for 2 years and the effect is truly remarkable. The viewer can hardly distinguish the real from the unreal characters on stage. We are very grateful to the light technicians from Joкеr Media, who helped us with the proper stage lightning.

We have not spared any power for the costumes as well, which were specially designed for the show by the designer Ivan Radlov. The impressive masks which are rather arts craft, complete the dance in a very interesting way.

Different styles of dances are included in the performance, where one of the best dancers in each field take part – Zdravko Kostadinov / winner of the 359 Hip Hop Awards – “Best Hip-Hop Dance Formation” 2016/.

There are many stories of werewolves, but the plot of this dancing performance is truly fascinating. The main characters are torned apart in the fight between their werewolf nature and the love for their beloved ones whom they are trying to protect. The night is the time of transformation which is boosted by the effect of the converting of the dancers into werewolves with the help of FogScreen – the screen through which they pass. This is a striking effect, especially if you see it live.


This performance was chosen by the producers of Bulgaria’s Got Talent, 2015, with which Latin Force participated at the final of the format. The visual effects and the beautiful dance itself, take the audience to different dimension.

Idea and choreography: Zahari Zahariev and Alexandrina Stoyneva (Ina)

Music: Zahari Zahariev

Video: Ivaylo Nikolov

Costumes: Ivan Radlov, Nina Klimentova

Make-Up: Dilyana Popova

Props: Antoaneta Stoyneva, Zahari Zahariev (FogScreen)

Lights and Sound: Joker Media, Dynacord

Dancers: Latin Force Team, guest-dancers Zdravko Kostadinov and Iveta Bineva

Backstage Team: Borislav Georgiev, Borislav Toshkov, Sergey Stalev, Tsvetomir Tsvetanov