During the 12th Fanta Dance Festival for the period 10-12th June 2016, we presented our latest production – Alice in LatinForceLand. This is a story about magic, beauty, a little madness and lots of fantasy.

We would like to express our great recognition to all of our friends and collegues, who supported us and worked hard so we could make this project real. At the closing of the gala evening, the audience was once again on their feet! Behind this production stands a team of more than 20 people.

One big thank you to the totally mad Zdravko Kostadinov and the incredible Simona Boykova for their wonderful performance.

We are more than grateful to one of the most creative designers – Ivan Radlov, for the amazing costumes and his great backstage work, to Sergan Kratevski for the last moment support and to Antoaneta Stoyneva for the unique setting and props, and of course to Margarita Doycheva for the professional and different kind of make-up!

We express our special gratitude to one valuable and true friend –Ivaylo Nikolov, for the hours he spend working tirelessly and shooting the amazing video. Also, for the fact that he left behind a personal engagement in order to respond to our personal request – to come and take incredible photos that will remain forever.

We are more than thankful to the marvelous backstage team. Dear friends, you were more than great! You stayed behind us during the whole time, and you worked with such desire and motivation that you filled us with energy and made us proud of you. We have never worked with a better team! Alphabetical order: Anton Yankov, Borislav Georgiev, Vesela Kosturska, Dimitar Kehayov, Emilia Tsvetkova, Lilia Tasheva, Sergey Stalev, Maria Kosturska, Traycho Pavlov, Hristo Georgiev, Yavor Kalchinov.

We are grateful to Nikolay Balkanski (Balknasky Circus) for the professionalism and the technology he provided us with.

We would like to thank Dynacord and Joker Media for the support and partnership.

Last, but not least we would like to thank the rest of the Latin Force Team – Dilyana Popova, Liliana Nikolova, Nikolay Ivanov – Niko for their excellent performance.

With gratitude and love,
Alexandrina Stoyneva – Ina and Zahari Zahariev

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