Aliens is the most watched and live streamed show of Latin Force. For this magnificent performance, we have not spare any effort neither for costume, nor for the great media which completes the show and takes the audience into space.

Aliens is a spectacle in which two civilizations collide. The set takes place on a far away planet where the local organic race was invaded by technological robots.

The accent in Aliens isare definitely on the costumes which are extremely impressive because they were made of materials similar to metal even from one hand distance. The concept is completed using lightning cabels which outline and impressive silhouette in the dark that catches the eye of the audience that remains euphoric during the whole time. We can proudly state that this costumes are one of a kind and we express our gratitude to Ivan Radlov for the unique design!
Most of Latin Force’s programs are multimedia backed up with real footage of the dancers by the media which is part of the show. We use the newest technology for capturing, multiplication and visual engagement of the viewer who remains breathless until the end.


The most watched and broadcasted on air show of Latin Force!

Idea and choreography: Zahari Zahariev and Alexandrina Stoyneva (Ina)

Music: Zahari Zahariev

Video: Ivaylo Nikolov

Costumes: Ivan Radlov

Make-up: Ivan Radlov

Props: Dilyana Popova, Ivan Radlov

Lights and sound: Joker Media, Dynacord

Dancers: Latin Force Team

Backstage team: Borislav Georgiev, Borislav Filipov. Dimitar Rangelov