Alice in LatinForceLand


Alice in LatinForceLand is our newest innovative project for which we did not spare any resources and imagination to teleport the audience in a truly magical world!

Adhering to the basic story of Alice in Wonderland, we highlighted and upgraded the image even more, including some new elements. This is the reason why the name of the production is Alice in LatinForceLand.

The classical falling down of Alice in the rabbit hole is made for the first time on stage in such a realistic way. Alice is in the air, which together with the huge video wall behind let us dive into the plot immediately and engage with the audience. After the fall and after standing in front of the three doors, Alice finds herself in another world, passing through one of them. In this world, except for beauty and new characters who belong to the Red Kingdom – the red roses / Latin Force Team /, who enter the stage with an unique trick – going round on their knees. This is something really new and never used so far even worldwide. After the dynamic salsa on the scene appears the Mad Hatter / Zdravko Kostadivov / who trnasfers into his role without any reservations and sets the public on fire with a hip-hop dance. After that tender bachata follows, performed by Latin Force Team. The unique thing here is that together with the dance there is playing the Marc Anthony song (the original version is salsa) in a new bachata remix specially made for this show by Zahari Zahariev / LatinForce /, who takes care of the music background and its impact on the audience. The combination of dance, music and media is exceptional. Even more exceptional is the part when Alice enters the dark side – a new chapter of the miracles that Alice meets on her way. For the first time on stage they are using paints that shine with their own light without UV lamps or any other assisting tools. This allows the stage to be well shaded and the shadows of all performing dancers could not be seen. Here Alice really is in a magical world – a world of butterflies, music, lighting forest, sea, fish. The sound effects and the moment when Alice dives in the improvised Sea are remarkably intertwined! This is not all. Next is the mapping on a fabric on the scene, which is actually a big over 10 meters skirt of one of the main characters – the red queen. The dragon also appears on the mapping, known from the movie engulfed in flames. It is ime for the final battle. In the role of the Red Queen is Simona Boykova, who is stnading on a pole in a hidden from the public way and after an effective removal of the skirt, she began her dance. The Red Army and the Hatter enter the battle. The forces are not aligned, until the White Army and Alice interfered, Alice flies above everyone and beats the red queen.

About the team

The big team of approximately 20 people, professional technology, wonderful costumes and the different types of dances are just few of the things that impress the audience and leave them breathless.

Especially for this production, Zdravko Kostadinov /Groovez – who won an award for best hip-hop formation in 2016/ and Simona Boykova / Poledance – representing Bulgaria at worldwide competitions/ are dancing together with the Latin Force Team. The combination of different kinds of dances in one performance is a trademark of Latin Force Studio. The music was made by Zahari, who created a remix of a song by Marc Antony for the very first time. The sound is fascinating, especially on live show.

Costumes: Something you cannot help but notice. The one to blame is Ivan Radlov, one of the most creative designers. The exceptional details and the realistic effect are two of the main things that catch the eye. The costumes are fabulous and contribute to the whole picture in a unique way. Part of them (The White Army) were created by another talented designer – Sardzhan Krastevski.

Props: For the very first time we use 3D props on stage, meaning props in their natural shape – the forest that appears in the first scene. This prop was created by our master prop – Antoaneta Stoyneva (Tony). The realistic objects on stage (for example the mushroom) are the small things that put the dancers in the center of a fairytale and turn the scene in something unreal and magical. A big part of the props is used in the dark segment of the show, when the paints start glowing. The audience’s attention is grabbed by a cat that is flying in the sky in an extremely detailed and realistic way. The décor, the sea and the rest of the glowing objects on the stage are the result of great imagination and preciseness of when and how every detail should be presented to the audience without ruining the final picture.

Stage team: We were not able to do all of this without our team of backstage assistants, who managed to do this for you, our audience. We would like to thank everyone who helped this magic happen!


Idea and choreography: Zahari Zahariev and Alexandrina Stoyneva (Ina)

Music: Zahari Zahariev

Video: Ivaylo Nikolov

Costumes: Ivan Radlov, Sardzhan Krastevski

Make-up: Margaritha Doycheva

Equipment: Antoaneta Stoyneva, Nikolay Balkanski (Balkansky circus)

Light and sound: Joker Media, Dynacord

Dancers: Latin Force Team, guest-dances – Zdravko Kostadinov, Simona Boykova

Backstage staff: Anton Yakov, Borislav Georgiev, Veselina Kosturska, Dimitar Kehayov, Emilia Tsvetkova, Ivan Radlov, Lilia Tosheva, Maria Kosturska, Sergey Stalev, Traycho, Hristo Georgiev, Yavor Kalichinov