This is the first time a hologram is used on a stage show! This innovative project has been prepared for a long time and with a lot of effort from Latin Force, in order to get the effect that left the audience breathless at the premiere of the production in 2011. The plot immerses the spectator in a world of darkness and demons. One ordinary girl accidentally gets into this world and one of the demons falls in love with her. This is unforgivable and the girl has been killed by the dark forces. The hologram image is impressive, it imitates the bright soul of the girl which is transferred into a better world, shown to the public in a disembodied way.The dance completes this scene in a unique way and it is something we will always be proud of! At the same moment the viewer sees the real image of the murdered girl, as well as her soul dancing above her dead body. The effect is overwhelming! Love, of course, is something that can beat even death. The girl’s beloved one goes deeply into the afterlife in order to get her back. As a result, the bright power of love obeys all of the demons, who accept the girl and all of the goodness that she brings!

The costumes and the make-up are unique and used in the dance in an exceptional way.


One of a kind show!

Idea and choreography: Zahari Zahariev and Alexandrina Stoyneva (Ina)

Music: Zahari Zahariev

Video: Ivaylo Nikolov

Costumes: Nina Klimentova

Make-Up: Margarita Doycheva, Teodora Bozhilova

Props: Antoaneta Stoyneva

Lights and Sound: Joker Media, Dynacord

Dancers: Latin Force Team

Backstage Team: Plamen and Sylvia Myashkovi, Borislav Filipov