This performance depicts the fight between the light and dark forces in humankind. The fight is relentless, but at the end the good wins in a spectacular way. The transformation of the dancers in the final scene leaves the sense of magic. The audio and visual effects, and the unique props that are used are extremely influential. Such dance is performed for the first time on a Bugarian scene, which is connected to movements of characters and objects on a video wall in front of the dancers on the floor, that imitate a chase of live dancers in an animated world. For this show we have specially created a professional animation that draws the viewer into the chase between good and bad. We have also used a 3D decor. This is a performance that must be seen!


One of the most effective productions of Latin Force. Comments from the audience: – ‘These Bulgarians amazed the audience of this international dancing festival with their dance…’

Idea and choreography: Zahari Zahariev and Alexandrina Stoyneva (Ina)

Music: Zahari Zahariev

Video: Ivaylo Nikolov

Costumes: Ivan Radlov

Make-up: Ivan Radlov, Dilyana Popova

Props: Antoaneta Stoyneva, Ivan Radlov

Lights and sound: Joker Media

Dancers: Latin Force Team, guest-dancer Zhivko Ivanov

Backstage Team: Borislav Georgiev, Borislav Filipov, Borislav Toshkov, Vassilis Kaynaros, Vladimir Nedyalkov, Georgi Peychev, Simeon Tsonev